Erisilths are a fanspecies for Aqua Teen Hunger Force. They are from the dwarf planet Eris and beyond.
Erisilth size chart

Three Erisilths so far. Left to Right: Javkkia, Apimemi, and Eocamy.


They are a biped race with "big" heads, long tails, two pairs of tentacle-like arms, pale-flesh colored skin, yellow schlera/teeth, and vibrant blood/innards/markings that vary in color and placement. Drones (Male term), Nurses (Female term), and Uncommons (Agender/Intersex/etc. term) are usually short/the height of a average human male. Emperors/Empresses can be above those heights.

Nurses have breasts, but they are located on their midsection. It is very rare for them to have an extra pair.

A common "uniform" is usually a frilled collar in black/soft red fabric.


Common abilities are, but may be limited to:

  • Having litters of approximately 50-70 newborns.
  • They can develop spaceships/weapons at a early age.


  • They are naturally aggressive, malicious, and high-class.
  • They depend on their population and their Emperors/Emperesses.