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Let's Go To Hell, Guys!
Genre Surreal


Status active
Years Active 2013 - present
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 25

Let's Go To Hell, Guys follows the adventures of Diana, Badchucks, and Rustakurntzen.


This series takes place in Cerberus, Florida; where everything can be made to happen, even what seems to exist is Vaporwave, ancient angel/demon hybrids, space furries, and so on.


Main Characters

Diana: A robotic housewife from the 50's. She is the main leader of the three, and the only female in the household. She is jolly, laughable, and neat. She is a parody of Jenny Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot and the housemaid/housewife stereotype. 

Badchucks: A colorful, intersex footmorph made in China by Dr. Bizarre. He is a red high top with a shoelace bowtie. He has fetishes for vomiting and floods. He has orientation dysphoria and has a love/hate relationship with Rustakurntzen. He's a parody of Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Rustakurntzen: An undead prince from the depths of Hell. Once a murderer and a member of the Amenmerusarkon brothel, he was given a second chance to live with Diana and Badchucks. He is typically feisty, sassy, and kind of a bitch. He also abuses substances as well. He is a parody of the man-whore/killer stereotype. 

Ross: A next door neighbor, who is literally a neckbeard supreme. His hobbies include watching anime, being involved with Badchucks and Rustakurntzen, and playing Smash 4. He gets uncomfortable with many things. He is a parody of the neckbeard and "loser" subtypes.

Minor/Supporting Characters

The Unicons: Various 20-40 somethings that are into This Magic Unicorn. Ross once talked to them in a message board related to the show of the same name. They are technically bronies, but not quite.

Slander: an magical evil space muppet who worships Satan and smokes weed everyday. He came to Earth to kill the innocent and perform other acts of crime. He is a parody of Wander from the series Wander Over Yonder

Miranda: Ross' uncomfortable, insane middle school girlfriend. She hates how Ross has become; leaving with Diana in her hands one time. 

Lo: A centipede-morph girl with vibrant long hair and yellow insides. She is the strong, musclehead co-leader of The Video Gems, a demi-terrorist/anti-heroine team of video game women. Her ability is splitting herself into separate clones of herself; sorted by personality. She is a parody of the game Centipede

Fi: A strange, nerdy; white-skinned morph with brown short hair and a slightly small build. She is the prisoner/slave of Lo. She has a lesbian crush on her, and is pretty masochistic. When harmed by other forms (not including her kind... The Video Gems), she turns inside out, literally. She is a parody of Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man

The President of Vision: Also known as the PoV, This former founder of the Video Gems organization is currently the leader of the planet Vision. He is high class, monotone and is a polysexual. He secretly plans to eliminate politically incorrect Toons like Slander; as he is a Video Gem elitist. He literally has Pong for a head. 

Gee: a grey-skinned being developed by Diana thanks to her handy Make-Your-Own-Nephilim kit. She is a upbeat, strong, seductive angel/succubus who doesn't pay that much attention to her creator. She would typically attract men, or have a good time in the nightlife. She is heavily influenced by Nicki Minaj and is Inspired by the Anarchy Sisters from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

The Chips Girl: an character from the anime "Buy La Consume". She is portrayed as a sweet schoolgirl, but in real life, she is a sarcastic corporate tyrant. She doesn’t know about Ross’ existence.

Veks: The reserved Nikes-like shoemorph. He was the original leader of his members of Shoe-kind, and the oldest of Snap-On and Badchucks. He is almost like the opposite of Badchucks… Sober and totally chill.

Snap-On: The innocent classy loafer. Unlike Badchucks, he is one year older than him. He is shy at first, but Veks is always by his side.

Fresnard: a dimwitted, piece of transportation of a dragon. His owners are Veks and Snap-On. He can be seen sleeping in the background while his goldfish for a brain swims around in is head tank.

Scott Speaking: an extreme casual who is actually a 10-faced extraterrestrial. He sees calm but deep down, he wants to consume the organs of anyone.

Gunkelkampus: a high class member from Hell, and Rustakurtzen’s father. He knows every unholy being and is pretty much the "most dominant" member of his homologous brothel.

Prince Yellow Jacket: the prince of another dark side of Hell, and the leading rival to Rustkurntzen. He's skilled in sadism, and has haematophilia. Despite the rivalry; he prefers to kill for pleasure compared to Rust's lust. He is a parody of black-comedy subgenres and various animated villians. 

Bixxon: an riduculously random orca/killer whale pool-toy. They enjoy humping the floor and aggressively screaming out quotes from post-2000's comedy films. They're a sucker for shows like West Winterlane and Some Other Timezone. Deep down they're a demonic spirit with 8 arms and eyes for joints. They are a parody of GIR from INVADER ZiM.

Ammut: Rustakurntzen's mother, and the "eater-of-hearts". She looks typical; but is more humanoid with scarab-like limbs.

Montu: Rustakurntzen's step-cousin, and a war-god. He has a nose nearly shaped as a falcon's beak and is more "semi-real" in design. Like his cousin after the war, he is undead; and also has the ability to grow bull-like horns with blood leaking from where they sprouted. He is associated with knifes and chainsaws.

Episode List

Season 1

EP1: Sweaty Nerd Party:

The gang and Ross are stranded at the Cerberus Mall. There's a comic book-themed event going on. They need a good plan to survive.

EP2: Donuts:

Rustakurntzen and Badchucks get jobs as taste testers in a bakery/cafe. Pretty soon, they get real huge. Meanwhile, Ross becomes a Unicon, thanks to This Magic Unicorn.

EP3: Alien:

The gang go on a quest to destroy an evil space muppet, Slander; who crashed landed on their planet to kill the innocent.

EP4: Touch Ups:

Rusty undergoes cosmetic surgery at the Cerberus Mall, and becomes a model.

EP5: Miranda:

The gang and Ross search for Diana. She's stolen by Ross' girlfriend from Middle School.

EP6: Backstory Time:

Have you ever wanted to know how the gang came to be where they are? You came to the right place.

EP7 Cerberus vs. Aepholetics:

The gang and Ross must stop the East Coast's government with an army of drag queens, Unicons, and... footmorph babes?!

Season 2

EP8: Video Gems

An demi-terrorist group of video game babes keep track of Slander's life in prison. Lo and Fi get lucky for the first time.

EP9: Gee

Diana brings home a Make-Your-Own-Nephilim kit. Pretty soon; Gee is basically a Nicki Minaj. You'll see.

EP10: The Atomic Fried Chicken Film: The Movie 2

Badchucks wins a contest involving eating brutally spicy chicken for a certain time; and gets the leading role in the action-documentary of the same name.

EP11: 3D Chips Girl

Ross and Badchucks get sucked into a dating sim involving Chips Girl. Someone has to get in there and play them.

EP12: Vek's, Snap-ons, and Badchucks

Badchucks' previous roommates visit. Meanwhile, Ross and Rustakurntzen search for a limited edition Chips Girl pillow.

EP13: Scott Speaking

Rusty finds love in a man who secretly has many faces. Literally. How will it turn out..?

EP14: Fusion Wishes

Diana goes into the magical world of bioengineering. It gets out of hand and she experiments on her roomates to turn them into.... something.

EP15: Stuck in Space

Rusty and Badchucks get transmissions from the Video Gems, about getting Slander back. Lo and Fi arrive to recruit the gang and head to the planet Caelum to find him.

Season 3

EP16: TVcade

Badchucks bids on, and wins a arcade set for the living room. What the rest didn't realize they get stuck in the 80's. Literally.

EP17: New Orleans Halloween Special (Part 1)

The gang and Ross take a vacation in New Orleans for the Halloween weekend. Rusty suddenly releases another dimension into the world.

EP18: New Orleans Halloween Special (Part 2)

Rusty finds his father and he wants to help him out. Badchucks and the others attends a underground party until he gets back.

EP19: At Its Finest

Badchucks realizes he's pregnant. And it's up to Rusty and Diana to let it progress, or abort it.

EP20: The Really Cliched Alternate Universe Episode

Ross visits therapy, with the story of his "friends", and claimed wife. Most of this will be a "in-a-coma theory"-themed special.

EP21: Gay Marriage 2600

Lo and Fi finally get married; Ross and the rest are invited. Meanwhile, Slander is broken out of space prison, with other animated criminals, planning to crash the wedding.

EP22: Welcome to Judgement

Badchucks and Rustakurntzen accidentally kill Ross and the other citizens of Cerberus. The two are sent for judgement.

EP23: Hellbent

Prince Yellow Jacket and Bixxon drag their counterparts to Hell for torturing purposes.

EP24: The Actual Series Finale

Badchucks and Rusty must escape Hell as one of them gets weird during a ritual.



  • LGTHG has shared a influence from Drawn Together and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. (at their Aqua Something You Know Whatever phase)
  • "Photo Album" includes three smaller backstories: Diana was meant to be "the perfect housewife", but is remodeled as a robot wife that later progresses in knowledge through the years, Badchucks travels from China for a job at Mac's Chicken and Waffles, gets wasted and is treated by Diana, and Rustakurntzen and his family die in a war between Heaven and Hell; he is given a second chance by becoming a undead drag queen.
  • The Video Gems are a reference to Steven Universe's gems.
    • Lo is originally influenced by Jasper; including an inside joke similar to the fandom nickname "Big Buff Cheeto Puff", instead it's "Big Buff Chili Pepper".
    • Fi is originally influenced by Lapis Lazuli. Her relationship with Lo is a polar opposite of how Jasper is with Lapis.
    • The President of Vision was originally female, but we decided that it'll be boring.
  • Gee resembles Nicki Minaj. Or Foxxy Love from Drawn Together.
  • Chips Girl was originally a direct parody of the Utz Girl. Due to this, she now wears yellow and has black hair, a similar palette to a bag of Lays.
  • Gunkelkampus looks like Dr. Orpheus from The Venture Brothers. In some way.
  • After "At Its Finest", Badchucks is alot fatter after he gave birth to a giant, demonic parasite.
  • "The Really Cliched Alternate Universe Episode" is a parody of various coma theories.
  • Montu is slighly based on Montu; the Egyptian war god.
    • His design choices are yet to be confirmed. His jacket is a parody of the one Kaneda wore in Akira. (Instead of capsule; it is a ecstasy tablet.)
  • In "The Actual Series Finale"; Rustakurntzen slowly mutates into a Hellbeast, making a reference to Tetsuo's mutation from the 1988 film Akira.