Sweetherians are a magical race of candy-based beings for Type 1 Diabetes Super Squad!.

Gummies Edit

  • They can vary in subspecies, such as bears, worms, etc.
  • They don't have bones other than teeth. They have floating guts, etc.
  • They can grow or retract anything they desire; a different shape, different body parts, etc. There is a limit to this; if their abilities go beyond this, they will melt into a puddle and can reform in an hour.

Cakebeasts Edit

  • They have superior strength that allows them to lift up to 55 - 90 tons.
  • They look like they have no eyes, but have a carapace purely made out of batter.
  • Some of them can be predatory.

Cupcakebeasts Edit

  • Their coats are similar to Chinese crested dogs; with frosting in a few area of their body.
  • They are shorter and not as strong as the original Cakebeasts. They have average strength.

Marshmellows Edit

  • Since they are made from sugar and gelatin, it reflects on their personalities, typically they are very sweet, positive and friendly.
  • They all have "cute"-sounding voices.
  • They can be treated like sons/daughters by the Chocolates or Cakebeasts.

Chocolates Edit

  • Like the Gummies, they vary in subspecies.
  • Some of them can gain a hard exterior, if it's really cold.
  • If their body has minor damages, such as scars or severed fingers/toes; it can grow back. This does not apply to major injuries.