WestWinter Lane follows the daily lives of Mel and Veronica; including Maurice and Philip.

WestWinter Lane
Genre sitcom

dark comedy

Status active
Years Active 2013-present
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 22

Plot Edit

"The year is 2089. America is almost done being refurbished from 15 years after World War 4, but not most beings have recovered. The neighborhood's least appreciated family will have to survive in these conditions, while everyone is after each other."

Characters Edit

Mell Kraig: The husband who fought in World War IV, and exposed to radiation, causing his flesh to completely peel off. He's talkative and motherly towards his housemates and wife. But; he lashes out easily.

Veronica Drovonov: The serious woman of the house. She can easily pick a fight with others if attempted; She is the wife of Mell, but she cannot stand his kindness.

"Unit #170 "Maurice": The adoptive son; who was an underpaid worker. Mel actually finds him a month after World War IV, and broke him out of the factory. Maurice was fine with his new home and tends to be cynical and reserved.

Philip: The pet squirrel who was spiked with some of the mutagen Mel kept from WWIV. By drinking some, Philip's tongue gained the ability to stretch and manipulate objects. Despite having average human intelligence, he cannot speak and tends to make brain-dead decisions.

Minor Characters Edit

  • Commander Fishbeast: a virtual villain who was targeted to destroy any player, especially Maurice.
  • Endemorph King: an unearthly ruler of the undead alien race, the endomorphs
  • Sandra: Veronica's birthchild with the Endemorph King.
  • Sid'Lsod: an unspeakable horror, best described by Philip.
  • McGuffin Puffins: a magical babysitter who is actually a prisoner of the depths of Regard's unearthly core.
  • Dipper: Mel's purely human cousin from the South who doesn't approve of mutants roaming New America.
  • Administrator Bloodstruck: Bane Fields' mutant mayor and war veteran.
  • Millie: the daughter of Administrator Bloodstruck and one of Maurice's crushes.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

"Diabetes Sales" Mell joins in on a bake sale and hijinks ensue.

"DLC of Fortune" Maurice and Philip are sucked into a PC game for some reason.

"HighHell Beach" The "family" visits the boardwalk and hijinks ensue.

"Christmas in Regard" Christmas comes along and hijinks ensue.

"Opposites" Regard becomes a peaceful, yet sane town for some reason.

"Destronoid Doomsday" (SEASON FINALE) Veronica cheats on Mell with a king of a undead alien race and gives birth to the end of everything.

Season 2 Edit

"Deathly Fuel" Maurice and Philip see a scary movie, but Philip has constant nightmares about the villian.

"Philip S. Johnston" Philip is under the dangers of social networking.

"Burning In" A mysterious salesman sells an illegal drug to Maurice.

"Strawberry and Banana" Philip has two new imaginary friends that are actually his hallucinations.

"Beautiful Yet Fearful" Maurice and Philip fall asleep and are teleported into a monstrous field full of their fears.

"McGuffin Puffins" (SEASON FINALE) Veronica hires a babysitter for Maurice and Philip.

Season 3 Edit

"Safety Pins First" After training for a job, Philip becomes a safety guard. But that doesn't stop from there. Meanwhile, Mel develops a tobacco addiction.

"Magic Car Ride" Maurice and Philip win a new car, as this progressed, the car becomes absorbed with Maurice's personality.

"Dipper" Mel's cousin visits Regard. Philip isn't comfortable about this.

"I Lost My Wife Today" (SEASON FINALE) Mel becomes homeless after forcing Veronica out of his life. While this happens, Philip has to save him from a reality show.

Season 4 Edit

"Bane Fields" The family leaves to Bane Fields, a small neighborhood that is more bizarre and has leader, who happens to have a crush on Mel.

"Philip's Half Life" Philip is suddenly brought into a secret agency involving super-intelligent squirrels. Later, he knows it's about world domination.

"Hookupmania" Maurice falls in love with a girl, who appears to be the daughter of the leader.

"Vomiting Broad" Veronica has caught a disease and Mel and Maurice and Philip are offered to find a cure.

"Disgust Chainsaw (PART 1)" an zombie apocalypse is upon Bane Fields. Veronica, Mel, and the others must leave.

"Disgust Chainsaw (PART 2)" (SERIES FINALE) Bane Fields leader, Krof'skumk captures Mel and forces him into criminal acts.

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