Xuropians are a lab-made sub-human race for Miraculous Knockoff.

Appearance Edit

They resemble humans that come in shapes ranging from lanky to hugely overweight. Their skin is off-white with red noses and freckles that come in any pattern. They have golden/blonde, or light blue hair depending on the location of their labs in a country: Golden in the east, blue in the west.

They usually have mutations if they're saturated in their specimen tanks for too long. They can have asymmetrical features (EX: Brooklyn's eyes), extra body parts (EX: Glendale's stomach eye), or protective appendages.

Abilities Edit

These abilities depend on their natural builds or mutations. They may only have one. For example:

  • Those who are lanky can have retractable limbs, while ones that are obese have "trampoline"-flesh.
  • Those that have bodies mostly covered in freckles, can let the markings glow in any color. (usually neon red or blue)
  • Those with extra eyes can see the future (usually for 20 seconds)

Reproduction Edit

All Xuropians identify as intersex, with completely functional parts. Any of them can impregnate or be impregnated. They may also choose to reproduce asexually.

Results of inbreeding can cause the offspring to be a "cluster" of flesh, hair and bones. Perfect offspring is extremely rare.

Trivia Edit

  • Instead of real names, They go by names of cities. (American or not)
  • Xuropians were originally named Goirs (Genetic + Noir)
  • Their accents are similar to those of French or Swedish; but with 'Z' or 'X' as consonant letters.